Corporate Scandal Proofing TM

Impact of Corporate Scandals & Failures

Cafe Coffee Day case: Probe finds $270 million missing after V.G. Siddhartha's suicide

300,000 Companies under the tax scanner for money laundering

87% Indian CEOs warn of uncertainty amidst Modi's clean governance "promise"

With the experience on the corporate & criminal side, Mr KK Bandaru felt that established corporate leaders are becoming the scapegoats of insider trading and internal lapses which are leading to criminal litigations, loss of reputation and incur severe damages.

More than 300000 Companies in India are under the scanner for money laundering activities. These corporates have strict SOPs, Risk Audits from top Consultants, best internal & external legal & tax professionals and are still facing the problems.

Corporates are paying heavy price and getting in to huge risks, litigations, scandals & losses due to lapses at various levels. Investors, Promoters & Key management of the companies are the ultimate victims of compliance issues, insider trading, money laundering activities, Kickback frauds and so on.

For the first time in India, with the help & efforts of various industry experts, Mr KK Bandaru has designed Corporate Scandal ProofingTM
Solutions to save companies from scandals, risk & litigation and increase reputation, credibility & profits.

Core Solutions to Corporates

Scandal Proofing, Strategizing, Advising and Helping Corporates save huge cost, risk & litigation

360' Scandal Proofing & Risk Management Solution

The Team & expertise

Associate organizations of Bandaru & Bandaru Advocates like

Professionals & consultants like Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, others from various sectors like financial, capital market, accountancy, forensic audit, taxation, information technology etc.

Retired professionals from Judiciary, Customs, SEBI, RBI, CBI, ED and concerned organizations and departments of the Government

Scandal Proofing Process

Corporate High Risk Audits & Assessment Corporate Investigations & Troubleshooting Pre & Post Litigation Dispute Resolution Planning
1: Corporate Compliance & Key Management Insider Trading & Frauds Pre Litigation
2: Statutory, Licenses And Registrations Cyber Crime & Cyber Terrorism Analyzing Potential Legal issues & Threats
3: Intellectual Property Compliances Money Laundering Strategizing risk reduction planning
4: Human Resources & Labor Compliances Corruption & Bribery Planning work around or resolutions
5: Insurances Compliances External Professionals, Vendors Frauds Planning Tactical Actions/Responses
6: Contracts & Agreements Review Forensic Accounting Settlement or Dispute Resolution Planning
7: Lawsuits, Notices & Other Legal Compliances Management & Business Partners Frauds Notifying Necessary Decision Makers/Authorities
8: Cyber/IT/Software Compliances Intellectual Property Frauds Post Litigation
9: Assets/Properties (Movable & Immovable) Kick Back Frauds Identifying loopholes, legal errors & seriousness
10: Major Account Payable & Receivables Insurance & Banking Frauds Thorough Legal Research
11: Arbitration & ADR Procedures Investments & Security Frauds Evidence & Witness Research
12: ROC/Secretarial - Compliances Supply Chain /3rd Party Frauds Case Analysis & Case Strengthening
13: Secretarial & Governance Review Cyber & IT Frauds Knowhow & Documentation research
14: Direct & Indirect Taxation Review Human Rights Abuse Opinions with industry experts & retired professionals
15: Statutory Audit Review Real Estate & Property Frauds Settlement or Dispute Resolution Planning
16: Others Audits Based on Corporate Profile Others Steps Based on Corporate Profile Others Steps Based on Corporate Profile